USB Memory Sticks By Guido Ooms Which Are Ummm Sticks

Memory Stick.jpg

Okay folks do we think this is ‘TreeHugger Cool’ of niet (Dutch for ‘or not’)? What I do know is that it is very Dutch! As are the rest of Guido Ooms’ products: witty, irreverent, conceptual and mostly quite eco-friendly. I must admit I don’t know what is inside the stick of the Memory Stick, maybe all sorts of bad plastics and metals? I just hope you can reuse the stick at the end of the USB’s life. In my experience real sticks last a lot longer than USB sticks! Anyway I just had to show it to you even if I get shot down for it! Check out some other quirky products by Ooms: The Wireframe Chairs are pretty good looking, his strange use of wine glasses is interesting and we definitely like the ‘Blog’. ::Guido Ooms via Core 77