Urban Decay's Vegan Cosmetics Say Anything But Granola Girl

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Whether you want to live a healthier lifestyle or you love and respect all of the planet's furry, scaly and slimy inhabitants, being vegan is a choice more people are making every day. It's not for the faint of heart—you have to give up all animal products, and it's not always easy to find stylish animal-free furniture, shoes or cosmetics.

Thankfully there's Urban Decay, which lets your rebellious, edgy, wild, irreverent self shine with their ever-expanding line of vegan cosmetics.With names as wild as the colors (Roach, S&M;, Catfight, Deviant, Shakedown, and Quickie are a few of my faves), Urban Decay's cosmetics have been a favorite of bold animal lovers since the company launched in 1996 (they've always been cruelty-free). But those who have purged all animal products from their daily lives will be thrilled to see that the Marley's purple paw logo that identifies Urban Decay's vegan cosmetics is quietly spreading across their website.

Their animal-free products include everything from bronzer to lip glosses to cream eyeshadows to brow pencils. They also have vegan brushes, meaning no furry friends were harmed in the making of your cosmetic tools. The price points are low- to mid-range, so it's not exactly a hardship on your budget either. You can pick up a single eyeshadow for $16, their 24/7 Concealer for $17, a lipstick for $22, or brushes from $15 to $35.

Urban Decay identifies animal-free products online, and they also have a link to a printable list of vegan items for customers to take along when shopping in-store. You can also find all-vegan looks on their site, including a sketch of the finished look and a list of products for you to get the look yourself.

While many Urban Decay items contain animal products, the company is working toward going completely vegan (they won't compromise on quality though, so it may take a while).

So shop to your heart's content and let your inner rebel express itself. Just remember that a lot of vegan lines (Urban Decay included) substitute synthetics for animal products. . . which is good news for the animals, but isn't always better for the planet or you.

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