Urban Decay Expands Vegan Line With Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Vegan Palette Vegan Cosmetics photo

Urban Decay's Vegan Palette. Photo courtesy of Urban Decay.
Guest bloggers Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer are co-founders of NaturallySavvy.com.

Being vegan can be tough if you love cosmetics. Finding animal-free eyeshadows and mascaras isn't easy to begin with, and then there's the issue of being able to find the colors you want. We've talked about Urban Decay's cruelty-free policy and their increasing number of vegan products before, but this year they're bumping their vegan cred up a notch with the recently released Vegan Palette.The Vegan Palette contains six eyeshadows, and travel sizes of eyeshadow primer and an eye pencil. It's compact and easy to handle on the go, which makes it great for travelers, and the only thing your perfectly made-up eyes can't get from this package is a coat of mascara. Plus, at $34, the palette is a steal.

No Boring Shades Here
Urban Decay is known for bold colors and striking combinations, and the Vegan Palette doesn't disappoint. As the company's Web site puts it:

Throw away any misconceptions that a vegan palette would include ho-hum shades of drab shadows... NOT FROM US.

There are no stereotypical muted browns and greens. No, the Vegan Palette caters to vegans who love bold cosmetics. The palette includes three neutral eye shadow shades and three saturated colors:

  • Twice Baked, a fudge brownie shade with gold glitter
  • Smog, a deep coppery bronze with lots of gold
  • Half Baked, a more subtle shade of light bronze or gold
  • Minx, a vibrant teal that can look both blue or green and has a little glitter in it
  • Urb, a brilliant metallic celadon green with silver and gold for tons of shimmer
  • Gunmetal, a just-shy-of-charcoal gray with silver glitter

Throw in the champagne-colored Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion and a black eye pencil (Zero 24/7 Glide-On Pencil) and you have just about everything you need.

Eco-Friendly Packaging
The Vegan Palette is slim and compact, and contains a generous mirror on the top flap, and the packaging is striking with it's hand-drawn design of animals, including rabbits, butterflies, a dolphin, and even the graphic designer's Chihuahua, Mr. T.

But the packaging isn't just beautiful and functional -- it's made with recycled materials and is printed with soy inks, which makes it quite eco-friendly as far as packaging goes. And though the cosmetics in the palette are not all-natural (synthetics and petroleum products are used), vegans can be sure they're getting an animal-free, cruelty-free product. That's two big hurdles down.

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