Upcycled Laptop Bag Shows Your Stance on Style and Green Thinking

laptop bag of coffee sack photo

Photo via labudde

Choosing accessories for your laptop can sometimes be tough. You may want to choose the greenest option possible, and yet you don't want to sacrifice style. Sometimes you want to buy whatever is at the closest store because it's easy. But there are some excellent options out there that will make you want to hold off buying whatever is at the ready, and buy something that is most definitely green.

Among these options is this great upcycled laptop bag made by labudde from a coffee sack. Read on for more about this bag and other cool ideas.We love to see green gadget gear look so great, and this conversation starter is no exception.

From the maker:

This stylish laptop case is made from an upcycled burlap coffee sack (this one says "specialty coffees of india" on it), lined with two layers of cotton felt and edged with colorful contrast piping and contrasting thread. It has a velcro closure and will protect your 13" macbook on your way to and from your favorite local wifi hotspot.

Coffee Bags can make wonderfully hardy laptop cases and this designer shows off the cuteness factor.

There are other great green options out there for laptop gear. Here are a few:

Felted Wool from Recycled Sweater from WoolyWooly:

felted laptop bag photo

Photo via WoolyWooly

Recycled Hankies from RecycledMemories:

laptop bag of hankies photo

Photo via RecycledMemories

Recycled Vinyl Event Posters from Mariclaro:

laptop bag from posters photo

Photo via Mariclaro

So what could you make for yourself using recycled items from around the house? If you've made your own gadget gear from repurposed items, let us know!

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