Upcycled Jewelry Turns Circuit Boards Into Stunning, Wearable Pieces

Upcycled Jewelry

photo: Upcycled Jewelry

So what do you do with all that unused, outdated computer equipment lying around your house? For jewelry designers Jacob and Michelle Fausset of Upcycled Jewelry, the answer is pretty simple, turn it into jewelry. My only concern, however, is the use of a once toxic item in jewelry.Jacob and Michelle Fausset have introduced Upcycled Jewelry, a line of jewelry made from circuit boards found in salvaged electronics. The company makes a stunning variety of earrings and necklaces.

As the owners of a small business that manages foreclosed properties, every month the company accumulates nearly 5,000 pounds of trash. The trash is then separated and recycled when possible, but once the electronics are taken apart and recycled if not in usable shape, the circuit boards are often left over.

This led to the couple starting a business to put all those leftover circuit boards to good use. Enter Upcyled Jewelry, a line of funky yet elegant handmade jewelry that finds a use for what would normally be thrown in the trash.

Is the Jewelry Safe?
According to the owners, Upcycled uses RoHS compliant circuit boards which do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. In addition, when preparing the jewelry it's stripped down to the fiber core and the copper plated veneer eliminating the majority of all contaminants, if any additional are present. After buffing and polishing it's coated with acrylic coating that conforms to ASTM D-4236 standards. However, as a final step the makers will be instituting lead testing to ensure that the jewelry is lead-free.

So What Do You Do with Your Old Electronic Equipment?
You can recycle your electronic equipment by going to Earth911 typing in what you want to recycle and where you live. In my community computers can be recycled at Staples. You can also donate the equipment. If you would rather donate the computer you can find out where to take it on the site as well.

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