Upcycled Eyewear Bridges the Conversation Gap

richie rich photo

Heatherette designer and former Club Kid Richie Rich wears upcycled eyewear by Highbrow. Photo: Highbrow

Designer Jessica Sapick has long had a knack for creating accessories out of unusual materials, starting with wearing binder clips as barettes in grade school.

Now, with her accessory company Highbrow, Sapick is handcrafting clip-on eyebrows made with recycled materials and broken and unusable eye glass frames--donated from New Eyes for the Needy, a charity that provides new and recycled eyeglasses to the vision-impaired.For Sapick, the high-brow eyewear creations help bridge the conversation gap. At New York Fashion Week, the designer was dying to talk to everyone, but was convinced that she wasn't important or cool enough to talk to anyone. Fortunately, she didn't have to start the conversation; people were drawn to her and wanted to know what she was wearing on her face and how it was made.

new york fashion week upcycled accessory photo

Highbrow eyewear at VPL's New York Fashion Week show. Photo: Highbrow
recycled eyebrows photo

Pop can tab eyebrows made by accessory designer Jessica Sapick. Photo: Highbrow

While the creative eye accessories are certainly eye-catching, Sapick hopes to drive the creative recycling and resourceful message home. The designer currently teaches elementary students how to create holiday crafts from plastic water bottles and upcoming projects include a collaboration with menswear designer Hisham Oumlil for Fashion Never Dies, a project intended to raise awareness about eco-conscious fashion.

View more attention-grabbing eyewear at Highbrow.

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