Umbrella Predicts Weather Changes, Reminds Owner

Orange climate alert anyone? This networked umbrella would be ideal for a wealthy person who lives in a bomb shelter, lacks a cell phone with web access, doesn't watch TeeVee, must depart home at an exact time, is terrified about getting rained on, and is generally clueless about impending weather changes. And has US$125 burning a hole in his pocket.
The Ambient Umbrella lets you know when rain or snow is in the forecast by illuminating its handle. Light patterns intuitively indicate rain, drizzle, snow, or thunderstorms. Automatically receives local weather data from — no setup, no sensors, no wet commute. This intelligent umbrella has you covered.
Absolutely useless in Atlanta or Phoenix, obviously. Farmers will get a belly laugh from it, we think. On the other hand, a version that senses when the financial industry is tanking might do well on Wall Street. Those guys don't see anything coming.

Via::Ambient Devices Image credit::Crave: The Gadget Blog