Umbrella Inside Out Final Final - Vote Now!


The Umbrella Inside Out Fashion competition has finally wound its way down to a mere 2 final candidates. Remember - designers were asked to submit plans for a couture garment made almost entirely from used or discarded umbrellas. The winner, as you know, will appear at Paris's Ethical Fashion Show October 13!

The final entries are:
The Dusty & Umbrella Redesign.

Please head over to the Umbrella Inside Out page to cast your votes...

ED NOTE: Folks, my appologies - there were some problems with the survey script this morning and I had to move it over to the umbrella page for it to properly work. As a result, votes cast before 9am Pacific Time have not been tallied. If you voted before that time please head over to the Umbrella Page and you will be able to vote again. Sorry for the inconvenience!