U.K. Sees Launch of First Certified-Fair Trade Beauty Products

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Photo credit: Fairtrade Foundation
The Fairtrade Foundation has announced the first beauty products to bear the fair-trade seal of approval in the United Kingdom. Beauty buffs across the pond will now be able to bag lip balms, face masks, body butters, and shower gels from five companies: Boots, Bubble & Balm, Essential Care, Lush, and Neal's Yard.

Considering that at least 5 billion units of cosmetics—including beauty products, toiletries, and fragrances—are sold in Europe each year, using roughly 1.5 million tons of ingredients, this savvy move has consequences that are not insubstantial, especially when it comes to reducing poverty in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.The 57 beauty products licensed by the Fairtrade Foundation comprise one or more fair-trade-certified ingredients, including cocoa butter, Shea butter, sugar, and brazil nut oil.

"It’s great news that now the beauty industry will get a Fairtrade makeover and the farmers who grow the natural ingredients will get a fairer deal because we think they’re worth it," said Harriet Lamb, executive director of the Fairtrade Foundation, in a press release. "This exciting launch brings much needed positive change for producers who need fair trade now more than ever. The public has said they want to lead a sustainable lifestyle and this is the next step along the path to looking good and feeling great."

What the fair-trade label promises

1. Producers will get the fair-trade minimum price, plus a premium, a bit extra to invest in community projects such as schools and healthcare.

2. The companies behind the products will have a partnership plan in place showing how they will additionally support producers to develop their businesses and communities.

3. The Fairtrade Foundation has worked hard to set minimum thresholds of fair-trade ingredients at levels which allow best selling volume lines of beauty products containing natural ingredients to be certified.

A third of people in the U.K. said they are interested in purchasing cosmetics carrying the fair-trade mark, according to recent survey by Globescan.

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