Turning Waste into Beautiful Green Jewelry: WoodWear by Andrea

Photo Credit: Andrea Gabhart.

This is the ultimate in sustainable business: one small business creating a product from the "waste" created by another local business.

Andrea Gabhart's father is a small businessman who does custom laser wood cutouts. His business produces a large amount of small scraps of leftover Baltic birch wood. Andrea, being both entrepreneurial and green-minded, saw those scraps and decided to build a business on them -- and WoodWear by Andrea was born.Andrea takes the scraps of lightweight wood and uses them to create unique jewelry with a great natural feel. From simple teardrop shaped earrings to earrings with laser-cut designs and even the occasional bracelet, Andrea's Etsy shop is full of one-of-a-kind items -- all created from the "waste" material from her father's business.

All of the WoodWear products are made in the United States, in Louisville, Kentucky. They are available on the WoodWear website and Etsy shop, as well as in select stores in Kentucky, Indiana, Florida, and Tennessee. In addition, Andrea will be selling her creations at Bonnaroo music festival in Manchester, Tennessee, June 9th through 12th.

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