Turkish Delights


From the depths of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul comes this fragrant and exotic gift. A bar of jasmine and a bar of lavender soap, wrapped in brown paper with twine and an amulet to ward off evil spirits and a card with the name " abdullah" on it... A trawl through the net reveals a treasure of a stall in the souk selling natural olive oil soaps with a completely natural olive oil base and all natural ingredients. The fragrances reflect their composition: lavender, chamomile, rose, orange, sesame, tea, and cinnamon. Should you decide to visit the hamam, the communal steam bath, they have loofahs made of pure goats' hair, to scrub your skin and the tiny shop has pure, natural cotton and silk pestemals, which are like sarongs, to wear in the hamam. For the house are mohair rugs, made of hand-spun goats' hair in natural colors, hand loomed and hand brushed in local villages. They are the traditional handiwork of east Turkey and were originally used by nomads to keep warm. All of the products are from natural handmade materials from small workshops, without a trace of factory-manufactured materials. Is this the Grand Bazaar's only natural, almost organic, shop? Worth checking out... :: abdulla