Tupperware Duds at New York Fashion Week

shabayeva newspaper coat photo

Winning designer Irina Shabayeva's newspaper coat from Project Runway. Photo courtesy PRNewsFoto/Tupperware Brands
Project Runway winner Irina Shabayeva debuts her Fall 2010 collection at New York's Fashion Week next Saturday with some reuse and recycling techniques. The top designer from the show's sixth season, reveals her new apparel at the SIR Stage 37 on February 13, featuring a runway presentation incorporating material from Tupperware's famed line of food preservation containers. So what is so sustainable about this fashion? The designer debuts five pieces manipulating Tupperware plastic into ready-wear and accessories. Not new to experimenting with alternative materials, during Challenge #5 on Project Runway last November, Shabayeva created a sleek coat dress out of newspaper. For her upcoming collection, she's inspired by the theme of flight, paying homage to the Da Vinci Glider, Amelia Earhart, and the wings of exotic birds from around the world. "It's about finding what liberates you," she says.

Can't fault her lines and looks, but while displaying industrial magic in collaborating with Tupperware, her choice of materials is for the birds - hardly green fashion statement. Highlights from her latest collection include feather dresses, cut-out leathers and fur trims mixed in with hand-knit sweater coats and custom-made dresses. Compared to Leanne Marshall from Project Runway's season five, who designs a more eco-conscious line, Leanimal, with textiles like hemp, bamboo and organic cottons, Shabayeva prefers exotic duds.

Do clothes made from Tupperware burp?

As for using Tupperware -- it's already a reusable food storage alternative to disposable plastic baggies. "As a company that has long been focused on innovative design, we're thrilled to work with someone who is so forward-thinking," said Rick Goings, the company's Chair/CEO.

If Linda Loudermilk can do eco-couture and other designers create green fashion, why is the apparel biz slow to embrace environmental design? For the latest sustainable fashions check out The Green Show.

And how about making a plastic square for the Climate Quilt with Tupperware?

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