Trunks for Trunks: Buy Underwear and Plant Trees


Story by Katie Leavitt, originally published April 2010 on
PACT is offering to plant 20 trees per purchase of each pair of organic cotton underwear in their Green Belt Movement collection. In the spirit of Earth Week, from April 16 to April 25, 100 percent of the proceeds will go toward planting a forest in Africa. The goal being 10,000 trees. The undies feature a graphic designed by African architect David Adjaye. The Green Belt Movement was the creation of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Wangari Maathai, in 1997. She was the first African woman and environmentalist to win the prize. The NGO's roots came from the simple initiative to plant trees in Kenya in order to battle damaging environmental effects. Over the years, the organization has grown into an empowering way for women to take an active role in creating healthy and productive lives for themselves and their communities.
"We couldn't conceive of a better way to honor our planet and our collaboration with Dr. Maathai and David Adjaye than to use all of the proceeds from the Earth Week sales of this beautiful new PACT print to plant 10,000 trees in Africa," said Jason Kibbey, CEO and co-Founder of PACT in a press release. "Working toward this goal gets to the heart of our credo: Change Starts With Your Underwear."

PACT branches out to help other charitable organizations as well. The company offers five different designs for five different nonprofits in addition to a classics collection. The organizations' varying causes range from protecting the oceans to planting trees to tutoring and developing writing skills. Always, 10 percent of the proceeds go to charity.

The Berkley-based underwear company also prides itself on being as sustainable and environmentally neutral as possible during the entire process of its products.

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