Truly Organic Apparel


Is it a mark of how popular eco-fashion has become, or maybe the fear that greenwashing is undermining the market, that it is no longer enough to just market your brand as organic? Truly Organic Apparel clearly feel the need to strenuously emphasize that they are the real deal. They claim that their debut line is, "The industry’s first truly organic and chemical-free... completely NO-impact apparel from textile pioneer Tenfold Organic Textiles". I would tactfully suggest that it's near impossible to create any no-impact product, no matter how eco-friendly your manufacturing process. The full life cycle of a garment surely needs to be taken into consideration.

However, not to completely rain on their parade, Truly Organic Apparel are clearly passionate about their clothes and there's no denying that they are making a big effort to create eco-friendly garments. They use organic cotton, natural dyes and fair trade practices to make their classically styled collection. "Tenfold Organic Textiles was founded in 2004 by textile artist Leah Weinstein in her quest to find naturally dyed fabrics for her quilted art. Leah and her brother, Paul Weinstein, formed Truly Organic Apparel in 2007 to bring naturally beautiful and chemical-free fair trade apparel to the market."
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