TreeHugger's Kyeann Sayer on Minnesota Public Radio

We are pleased to say that our very own eco-fashion guru, the lovely Kyeann Sayer, was invited to be a featured guest on Minnesota Public Radio yesterday. The Midmorning show presented a programme entitled The Growth of "Green Fashion" which looked at 'the environmental and social costs of disposable clothing, and how that's leading some consumers to purchase more ecologically friendly threads.' Kyeann's fellow fashion guests were Julian Allwood, a senior lecturer at the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University in the UK and Jen Rapp, the Director of public relations for Patagonia. Amongst other things Kyeann talked about her recent experience at London Fashion Week and how she was particularly impressed with UK eco-fashion designer Sarah Ratty of Ciel. You can read more about the show, learn about the guests and listen to the programme here. ::Minnesota Public Radio