TreeHugger TV: Sustainable Style with Jill Danyelle of Fiftyrx3


Oh you know we're complete suckers for style. Yeah we want to look good and save the planet! Proving that these two aims are not mutually exclusive is TreeHugger’s raison d’être. So we are very excited that THTV and m ss ng p eces have had the privilege of hooking up with the blogosphere’s queen of sustainable fashion Jill Danyelle. Jill writes the Fiftyrx3 blog which has become a beacon of style for any fashion forward treehugger worth their vintage salt. In this week’s THTV episode Jill takes us on a green fashion tour through the Lower East Side and the West Village in Manhattan searching for examples that best represent the three underlying categories of sustainable style: reduced, re-used and recycled clothing. We visit Zachary's Smile, Gominyc, Mo Mo Falana and Terra Plana.

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