TreeHugger Mug at Kewl Finds

Whether you’re an earlier bird or more a night owl, everybody needs their cup o’ joe in the morning. Even if you’re a caffeine-free or yerba mate freak, you probably have some sort of ritual that revolves around a mug of hot something or other. So if you’re here, and if you’re reading this, then chances are you’re a TreeHugger. And if you’re a TreeHugger, then this cup’s for you. Yes, we know there are more and less ways to make ceramics more and less appealing to the planet, and no, we're not sure which side of the line this mug steps to, but for the most part, anytime you’re using this 14-ounce cup instead of throwing out a paper one or two, you’re doing a damn fine job. You *can* help save the planet, one cup of shade-grown, organic, fair-trade coffee at a time. Thanks for the tip Bonny! $11.50 ::Kewl Finds [by MO]