Tread by Better Energy Systems

You’re probably wondering, what the hell a Tread is? Fair call. In short, it is a protective cover for an iPod. Not only has Apple has sold well over 10 million of these ‘walkmans of the 21 century’ but they have spawned a massive industry in accessories. In cases alone, there are a simply staggering 250 different models, just for this one brand of music player. Better Energy Systems, makers of the Solio Solar Charger for mobile phones, PDAs, and .... iPods, obviously felt there was still room for them too, in this very cramped market. But keeping with their eco ethos, theirs has a point of difference. It’s made in South America, from recycled rubber - supposedly from old tyres, but looks more like inner tubes. Better Energy Systems’ own website currently infers the Tread is to be a carry case for the Solio but offers no details. The little we do know comes from iPodlounge, who did a sneak peview of it. They suggest it will be about $40 USD when available. It is arguable that the world already has enough iPod covers, regardless of any claim to environmentally friendly materials. The case for which is severely weakened by the apparent inclusion of a vinyl (read PVC) shield inside the rubber! But maybe we should wait until the product meets the light of day, before being so circumspect. ::iPodlounge [by WM]