Trash Bags - Something Old, Something Blue


Declaring that "the majority of the materials used in all Trash bags products are recycled" this Australian based business offers a range of bags (and some homewares) that support community and livelihood projects in the Asia Pacific region. Specifically that means Cambodia, India and the Philippines with their current line-up. For example, the middle bag shown here, known, for reasons we can't fathom, as the 'All Rounder' ($38 AUD), is crafted by a non-profit organisation New Delhi, India. They collect disused plastic shopping bags of various shades and fuse them together. No additional dyes are added just creative layering in the fusing process. The striped 'Shopping Trip' ($40) comes from the same stable, whilst the 'Evening Stroll' ($35) is made from hand woven recycled newspaper and telephone directories. By some mysterious process not explained, these Paper Trail series bags are rendered water resistant, and have even survived an intentional dunking in the bath. A third line available is the Rejuiced collection, similar to that which we've noted in the past, under the Fruition moniker. Thanks to Anita M. for the tip. ::Trash Bags