Transformer Clothing


You've heard all about transformer furniture—those convertible home and office accoutrements that conserve both natural resources and space with their talent for multitasking. But what about transformer clothing? Can less ever mean more in today's fashionista-eat-fashionista world? You might be surprised.

The above Three-Way Cowl Tunic by Earth & Sky (available at BTC Elements for $124), made in Los Angeles from 100 percent organic cotton, is three outfits in one. While we could probably lose the odd-looking strap, we're loving this tunic's flexibility to presto-chango from sophisticated cowl-neck to one rockin' hoodie before Paris Hilton can weasel herself back into the headlines.


Angelrox's All-in-One Wrap (available at Tranquilit for $108) could probably fill in for half your wardrobe—if not Paris's—easily shifting from skirt to dress to cape to shrug.

Made from 95 percent bamboo and 5 percent spandex, this versatile one-size-fits-all melds seamlessly against your body, regardless of fluctuations in weight or even pregnancy—rendering those reasons for shopping for new clothes completely moot.