Tranformer Fashion: Dos Caras Jacket and Bag


We do go on and on (and on. And on.) about multi-functional design. As a design philosophy, it's pretty exciting: few other stand to cut in half (or more) our need for things; think of it as the "Swiss-army-knifing" of things we use every day. Most of the examples TreeHugger has highlighted, to this point, have been furniture or interior design solutions; today, we add German designer Alice Kaiserswerth's clever "Dos Caras" to growing list. Without much more than a zip and a fold, the jacket doubles as a bag (or is the other way around?), turning garment into accessory, and back again; it might just be the perfect accessory for all of us who can't remember to bring our own bags to the grocery store. Hit the jump to see the process unfold in pictures. ::Alice Kaiserwerth via ::Designspotter