TRAIDremade for Timberland: Recycling Leather, Fighting Poverty

timberland traidremade photo

TRAIDremade for Timberland, reclaimed leather bag. Credit: TRAID

Recycled fashion label TRAIDremade has designed four exclusive handmade bags for Timberland made from reclaimed leather jackets, denim, and reconditioned Timberland shirts and jackets. Through 'Change Your Wardrobe, Change Their Lives' customers can bring old clothing to Timberland's London stores, receive 20% off a new purchase, and have old clothes refashioned into new pieces through TRAID (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development). TRAID works to fight poverty through clothes recycling programs, environmental activities, and operating 10 charity clothing shops in the UK. Head of TRAIDremade Paula Kirkwood says, "We've reincarnated old jackets, leathers, shirts and denims into must have bags that are fashionable, functional and ethical." ::TRAID

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