Topshop Gets Green--This Week

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Topshop is legendary in Britain; they were the first to make cheap fashion--knocking off designer clothes overnight and selling them at ridiculously low prices. In the last year or two they have become more ecologically aware, as the tide has turned against fast fashion, but their efforts have been small and not publicised very well. But what has happened: this week they are teaming up with Rubbish magazine to sponsor and promote a whole week of recycling. Unbelievable. Supposedly the whole store will be turned over to a celebration of reusing, recycling and restyling.

Hmmm....A quick reccie reveals that their efforts remain small. The front window has a wonderful soft sculpture of a snail, made out of bits of old fabric, that is whimsical and catches your eye. The bin for the clothing swap sale was empty. And that was about all that was visible. After asking, it turns out that there will be lessons on how to make a fabric bag, and fair-trade clothing workshops. As for the raffle for a Pashley bike--couldn't find that (unfortunately). One would have assumed that they would have a rack of fair-trade clothes but that wasn't too visible either. The best item is still jewellery by MADE, produced in Africa and fabulous design. Conclusion: Topshop still has a fair way to go on the road to being really green. :: Topshop
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