Top 5 Green Fashion Designers Favored by the 'Great American Apparel Diet' Founder (Photos)

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One year ago we covered the commencement of the Great American Apparel Diet; participants have staved off clothing consumption for -- gulp -- 365 days. In a little over 10 days the anti-shopping experiment ends. To help dieters avoid a disposable fashion shopping binge, Sally Bjornsen, creator and founder of the Great American Apparel Diet, has curated "Conscious Shopping", a new section to her blog, updated thrice weekly, which features eco-friendly apparel. Click through to see which designers have made Sally's list to date (many, of whom, are TreeHugger green fashion favorites):

1. C. Marchuska

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Image via TreeHugger.

More Photos: New York Fashion Week: C. Marchuska Fall 2010

2. Popomomo

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Image via TreeHugger.

More Photos: New York Fashion Week: Popomomo Fall 2010, "City of Quartz"

3. Vaute Couture

vaute couture coats

Image via TreeHugger.

More Photos: Green Fashion Week Fall 2010: Vaute Couture

4. Doie

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Image via TreeHugger.

More: Doie Launches Spring Collection 07

5. Indigenous Designs


Image via TreeHugger.

More: Indigenous Designs Sport Resort Collection

For many more ethical threads approved for non-dieters, visit the Great American Apparel Diet's Conscious Shopping section.

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