TOMS Shoes Asks You to 'Choose Shoes' for Charity this Holiday

By now, the mission of TOMS Shoes is well known: When you buy a pair of their shoes, you help provide a child in need with new shoes. It's called the "One for One" movement and it has helped the company emerge as a leader in conscious consumerism.This holiday season, TOMS is asking you to "Choose Shoes" for the holiday season. Whether it's a gift for yourself, a friend, or someone in your family, giving TOMS Shoes this holiday also means that a child will receive a present that will help them grow up healthy and happy.

TOMS "One for One" is not a gimmick intended to boost holiday sales. Instead, it is the basis of the company's business model. In an interview with TreeHugger, Founder Blake Mycoskie explained that his goal was to build a network of sustainable donations in which material to give was always available and recipients enjoyed a long-term benefit.

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