Treehugger fan, Kathleen F, writes a blog on sweat-shop free manufacturing practices (as an aside, go see her photo of a hydrogen and biodiesel powered Hummer Limo - we kid you not!) and came across this handbag, made from wood, of all things. The timber panels appear to be of Swedish birch, with a veneer of either zebra or ebony wood. No mention is made of any sustainability issues, regarding the forests from which the wood is sourced, but classy accessories, like this, are certainly a better use of timber resources than are disposable chopsticks or junk mail catalogs. The stainless steel hardwear components are machined in the States. The gussets are goat skin leather, which won’t endear them to some of our readers but at least the sewing and assembly is undertaken by workers on Tivi’s home soil. $280 USD. ::Tivi