Timbuk2 "Grows" Hemp, PET Bags

Timbuk2 Grown

New from Timbuk2: The Grown Collection, a line of 13 different styles, including totes, backpacks, and laptop bags, all made from a hemp/PET blended fabrics—or in the PVC-eschewing bag manufacturer's words, "66 percent hemp, 33 percent PET, and 1 percent Al Gore mojo." And if that's not crunchy enough for you, the buckles are made of corn-based resin. The Hemp Cargo Tote even has an interior water-bottle holder, so you can secure your own reusable canteen for those jaunts to the farmers' market. Another one of our favorite features is the red key tether, which is long enough that you don't have to unfasten your keys to unlock your door.

With laptop-friendly backpacks now included in the mix, eco-geeks on the move can hoist their precious electronic cargo more ergonomically. Super-durable, waterproof, and pockets aplenty (always a bonus with us), the bags' only downside is that many of them are manufactured abroad, unlike most of Timbuk2's iconic messengers, which are made in San Francisco. ::Timbuk2