Timberland and Po-Zu Team Up to Make Shoes

po zu photo

Photo: PoZu

Everyone knows Timberland: the company that has been making eco-friendly and environmental shoes and clothing forever (well, it seems like that). Not so many people know Po-Zu: the little slipper company that is about to grow.

Together they are making beautiful (?) music, oops shoes, together. Called the Convertible, these mens' boots can be worn as a low-cut shoe or high boot and can be dropped-off at any Timberland store to be recycled.

This is a big step forward for Po-Zu and a collaboration that has a lot of sole. It gives them a huge opportunity to move forward on a much bigger scale. Both companies share a common commitment to the environment and to making shoes that are eco-friendly, long-lasting and recyclable.

conver tible photo

Photo: PoZu

The 9 different styles of mens' boots can be worn as a shoe or a high boot. They come with an extra set of longer laces for use as a boot.

The shoes are almost entirely eco-friendly. All the bits are stitched together, rather than glued. The soles are made from natural latex, harvested from a gum tree without harming it. The soles can then be ground down to make new ones. The foot "mattress" is made out of coconut husks. The upper part is leather but tanned with vegetable extracts.

But the key is that they can be disassembled and then recycled or reused (where possible) to make new pairs of shoes. Just drop them off at a Timberland store to get the process started.

Po-Zu means "pause" in Japanese. It was started in 2006 as a slipper company where comfort, rather than style, was meant to come first. They used environmental materials and practices. They expanded to outdoor shoes, organic hemp Vegan shoes and then convertible boots and sandals. Now, just in time for the rainy music festivals, they do a biodegradable water-resistant Wellington type boot, made from Amazonian vegetable rubber.

shoe box photo

Photo: PoZu

The shoes come in a compostable shoebox that doubles up as two seed trays. They are bio-degradable and can be planted in the earth. A complete circle.

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