Those Hipsters at Holstee Launch A Colourful Upcycled Wallet for Summer

Holstee Delhi Rang Product photo

There's no doubt that an ethical brand with hipster flavour is still rare enough as to be an attention grabbing entity. Holstee is one such brand, being as brilliant with words and positive attitude as it is with eco-friendly products. Their stock in trade is inspiration, with a tagline that says "Live Your Dream" and a rocking founding motto: "Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them." So what is the latest creation from Holstee all about and who have they made it with?We wrote about the Holstee Wallet made from upcycled newspapers in India last year. This summer they have launched a new version of their wallet called Delhi Rang, this time made out of colourful plastic bags.

Holstee Delhi Rang Product photo

The Holstee crew tell us about the distinctive product name and manufacturing process:

"The name pays homage to the city (Delhi) where the colored (Rang, meaning 'color' in Hindi) plastic bags are collected off the streets, cleaned and sorted before being hand stitched into this slim wallet design."

As with the newspaper wallets Holstee is working with Conserve India, a local NGO, to produce the Delhi Rang wallet, helping "those often referred to as 'rag pickers' by providing fair wage employment, education and health care for employees and their families. As each wallet is handmade and without using any dyes, each is one-of-a-kind in its pattern and style based on the specific colored bags used to make each wallet."

Holstee Delhi Rang Product photo

These upcycled Delhi Rang wallets make a colourful alternative to the muted original newspaper wallet. Happily, as with all Holstee products, 10% of sales are lent to entrepreneurs in the developing world through their partnership with

Dehli Rang Wallets ($25) are available to buy on the Holstee site
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