This Looks Better Than Ivory

All the fashion mag's have written about LeJu jewellery, but somehow Treehugger hasn't yet.... So here they are: great looking necklaces, bracelets, and rings made from vegetable ivory. What's that, you say--it is a seed from a palm tree found in the Amazonian rain forest. After it has been naturally dried for a long time it is just as hard as ivory and then it can be carved. So it provides an alternative to cutting down rain forests, stimulates local economies and prevents elephants from being killed for their tusks. Sounds like a winning idea all around.

With the extra plus that the jewellery is colourful, well-designed and perfect for that casual look with tee-shirts or a summer dress. The splash of colour is from natural plant-based vegetable dyes and oils. Some of the pieces are paired with other Amazonian seeds, sterling silver and leather toggles. The turtle rings are made from an entire seed and come in a range of colours and are especially striking. As the designer says: "I try to create designs, which reflect its roots. Nature is full of wonderful colours and I use them to reflect it in people's lives." :: LeJu