The Very Green Renew Spa Comes to Chicago's Magnificent Mile

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After trudging through the Magnificent Mile all day, it's time to give your feet and your wallet a rest and what better place than the new Renew Spa - a green spa on the inside and out.

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While most "natural" spas these days may offer a few products that use healthy sounding words, typically that is where the "healthy" experience stops. That just wasn't good enough for Renew owners Victor and Warren Aggarwal, who designed a green building to go with their green spa.

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The paints decorating each room are all non-toxic, the insulation between the walls is all made from biodegradable and recycled materials and the major appliances, like the washer and dryer, are all Energy Star certified, to name a few things. To conserve water, low-flow toilets were installed. Obviously all of the lighting is low voltage and the wood for the receptionists desk and throughout the spa is all from reclaimed sources. When it comes to your skin, you can't be too careful so it helps to know that Renew Spa also chooses products that are organic and/or vegan.

If you want to find more green-friendly spas, you can check out the Green Spa Network. Or, just head over to Renew Spa for a facial, peel, massage or tinting. Ahhhhhh. :Renew Spa< />

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