The Uniform Project's AccesSoireé, Celebrating 191 Ways to Wear One Dress

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One dress, 365 days. Credit: The Uniform Project

You may remember Jasmin's post on The Uniform Project: One Dress, 365 Ways to Wear It back in May. Booklynite Sheena Matheiken's has made it half-way through the year--191 days on Saturday, to be exact--in one dress and with the help of vintage she's perfected the art of accessorizing. This weekend New Yorkers can borrow Sheena's style--she'll be dressed by rising star Raffaele Ascione-- and dress in black with vintage flare--like the invite suggests--click through for the invite.

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From The Uniform Project:

It's a black and white attired ball where you enhance your get-ups with a single, smashing recycled or vintage accessory. So come with black and white as the canvas for your very finest or funkiest vintage accessory; surprise us with an original re-purposed piece of decorative decadence and go for the gold. Our trusty judges will announce the best adornment of the night, and give the winner a posh potable prize.

Funds raised from the project aid the Akanksha Foundation's School Project, which pays for uniforms and other educational expenses for children living in India's slums. :: The Uniform Project

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