The Ultimate Obama Memorabilia? Recycled 2008 Ballot Necklaces

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Image via Uncommon Goods

So you were the first one of your friends to get an Obama button, and you wore it proudly. But then your friend put up a yard sign. Naturally, you bought yourself a t-shirt, not to be outdone. Then your friend got an Obama tote bag and matching Obama scarf. So you bought an Obama hoodie and some Obama shirt-wrap that was later revealed to actually be a woman's garment.

But now the election is over, and you've decided quietly to call it a draw. It might be time to move on to purchasing non-Obama related goods again. It's not like there's some piece of memorabilia out there that could definitively prove once and for all that you're the most dedicated Obama supporter ever, anyways. What's that, now? Some jeweler is recycling the actual ballots from Election Day into necklaces, and selling entire voting booth ballots as framed posters?

Oh sweet victory. How near you are.
Ridiculous hypothetical situation above notwithstanding, the recycled ballot stuff from Uncommon Goods is probably among the most compelling campaign memorabilia I've seen yet.

The posters are actual, unused wall ballots from New York on Election Day (and as my fellow New York voters know, each was housed inside a gigantic pull-lever machine that seems like it predated Taft). They've been framed, and can be purchased for the not-so-low price of $350.

The necklaces ($38) are also handmade from the same ballots, and are also cool recycled items worth hanging somewhere in your home, if not around your neck.

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