The Stitching Studio: Beautiful Products With Flawless Fabrics, Helping Refugee Women

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Photos: Seema Krish.

Helping refugees from hotspots like Sudan, Bhutan and Iraq that are based in the US with limited language skills and no work is the goal of soon to be launched project The Stitching Studio.

Founded by designers Seema Krish and Fran Z. Slutsky, it seeks to do so through a training program to teach them sewing and embroidery skills in Boston, which they will then use to make beautiful products with fair trade artisan fabrics from India. More inside.Under the motto "putting more meaning in the making", the project aims to help women who come from war torn countries, many widows who have made it to America only with their children.

The program aims to give them tools that will help them find their way into the working world, and profits from the products they make and sell will continue to support the training of more women at the International Institute of Boston.

Cushions With Seema Krish Fabrics Photo

Fabrics used in the confection of the products could not be better: they are coming from the Seema Krish brand, which works with local craftswomen from India who are trained to enhance their skills and generate income. The brand also works with environmentally responsible practices: fabrics are dyed with low impact products, baked with solar dryers to set the color, and the water used in the process is recycled using plant root systems for filtration.

"This is a special way to put more meaning in the making of products and directly touch
lives," says Fran Slutsky about the project, which is set to start in January training the first group of women.

A truly interesting initiative. For more info, donations or other inquiries, contact Slutsky at fslutsky at cox dot net.

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