The Recycled Paper Dress That Gets Better with Wear (Photos)

ready-to-wear-away dress photo

The "Ready-to-wear-away" dress wears away as you wear it. Photo: Deborah Feingold

On TreeHugger, we like to focus on fashion that is built to last but this unusual garment could hardly go down without a mention. Called the "Ready-to-wear-away" dress, it is more an artistic creation than a wearable dress. Though wearing is exactly what it takes to get the dress to reveal its hidden design. Read on:

ready-to-wear-away dress photo

The dress is the result of a collaboration between couture designer Sylvia Heisel and Paper No. 9's Rebecca Cole Marshall, a recent Pratt Institute graduate who works with brown recycled shipping paper.

"I'm fascinated by clothing that changes as you wear it," Heisel said, when asked about the collaboration. "Most clothes are made to last forever, but our lives and bodies don't stay the same and fashion is constantly changing," according to the press release.

ready-to-wear-away dress photo

ready-to-wear-away dress photo

All photos: Deborah Feingold

The designers claim that the dress feels like a "supple leather sheath" at first. Add body heat and movement and the paper starts to wear away. Then, walla, hand-drawn inspirational quotes from Ghandi to Tupac Shakur suddenly appear. It certainly makes for a good conversation piece.

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