The Ray - World's Most Eco-Friendly Watch?

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The Ray is a new limited edition watch on the style scene, and it claims to be the "first ever green timepiece" available.

Made from sustainably harvested ebony wood for its high density and durable characteristics, and using automatic movement instead of batteries, the watch has a 5 year warranty, which means it will probably last a really, really long time if you take care of it. Read on for other green features and decide if this is truly a most eco-friendly watch.

Only 1,000 of these watches are available worldwide, which might explain a price tag of nearly $500. Also the fact that the entire design process, even down to the method of shipment of the raw materials, was considered to lighten its footprint is interesting to note.

Eco-Points of The Ray:

Real ebony wood sourced from sustainable managed forests, which means that for every tree used another is planted. The case and links are from solid chunks of wood, not laminate!

This wood was chosen for its high density and durable characteristics.100% recyclable anti-allergy 316L stainless steel 100% recyclable aluminum 100% recyclable mineral crystal 100% solvent free links, 27 jewel stainless steel and brass automatic movement.

An automatic movement watch needs no batteries, which reduces waste and extends the life of the product. A traditional battery operated movement has a life of 18 months compared to the endless potential of a mechanical movement.

5 Year Warranty

The Ray is handcrafted, which they say reduces the amount of oil consumed during manufacturing, and is packaged in recycled cardboard designed to use 30% less material (though less material than what, the website fails to mention).

This watch is a great exercise in sniffing out greenwashing. While it has a lot of excellent features, there are still some issues with it - such as using ebony wood (while the particular wood used here may be being sustainably harvested, is still a highly controversial choice) instead of a more sustainable and locally sourced wood, and using recyclable metals instead of recycled metals. For every pro there is a con and vice versa. So you weigh in - is this an eco-friendly must-have watch, or would you skip it in favor of a metal timepiece sure to last forever?

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