The Perfect T-Shirt III — Dyeing for a Change

Remember Better Thinking's quest for the Perfect T-shirt? Well, they have some news for you: a 23 paged downloadable report on impacts of the textile dyeing called Dyeing for a change: Current conventions and new futures in the textile colour industry. They analysed why the issue of dyes needs to be addressed, traditional dyeing methods, the improving of conventional technologies, natural colours, other aspects of the dyeing process and how we can improve environmental impacts and other chemicals used in the dyeing process. Download the report here!
But that's not all the news from Better Thinking; they began the countdown to launch! After a lot of positive feedback from all around the world, the profit-making side of their business also started to look good. The employee-community project for their global telecoms company is gaining weight and the Better Thinking team recently had a meeting with a clothing retailer who are present on almost every high street in the land! They say: "They're interested in using our expertise to help them sell in organic cotton to buying teams, to educate staff as to why organic cotton's so much better than conventional cotton,
and also to bring it to market in a way that ensures the initiative's long-term success. We came up with a variety of possible approaches for them that ranged from what we knew they'd be comfortable with to stuff that could stretch and invigorate their offer. We're looking forward to developing these ideas further."
Wow, so one day we might have the perfect t-shirt, what do you think? Share your thoughts here and below! ::the perfect t-shirt