The Next "It" Girl of the Green Revolution

Video by EcoDivas TV

Being the next "it" girl of the green revolution involves more than just a pretty face. Being America's Top Green Model involves beauty, poise, and green know-how. EcoDivas TV documented Project Green Search, the recent search for a well rounded beauty to take this revolution into the future.

The video documents Project Green Search, the recent contest to choose the next "it" girl of the green revolution on EcoDivas TV. Jasmin wrote that the competition pitted aspiring models vegan stiletto against vegan stiletto for the honor of eco-model par excellence. And the votes are in for this year's Top Green Model.

Aysia Wright, the creator of Project Green Search spoke of the 48 hours leading up to the winner's announcement. Finalists went to Shades, an organic and natural salon where they were pampered before a lengthy photo shoot followed by interviews with the judges. There was even a guerilla gardening session where the girls were knee deep in dirt and of course an Eco-Stiletto fashion show. The finalists were from a wide variety of backgrounds including a biology major turned race car driver, a civil engineer, and a tv producer. Wanna see who won? Watch and find out.

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