The Most Sustainable Dress on the Market? The Uniform Project LBD.

uniform project little black dress photo

The Unform Project's limited edition little black dress; on sale now. Images courtesy of the Uniform Project
The Uniform Project dress is one LBD that can be worn 365 ways, and counting. Brooklynite Sheena Matheiken has shown us for the past year--almost, one month to go--that a staple clothing item can go a long way with the right accessories (full disclosure: The U.P. team are friends of mine). Designer Eliza Starbuck has brought the beloved reversible dress to the masses--sort of: only 365 dresser were made. Click through for details on how one creates a dress that is not only built to last, but also with sustainability in mind: Details on the LBD from The Uniform Project, below.

The Production

This dress is produced locally in New York City at a registered NYC sample room which meets all NY State Department of Labor laws. It is produced in a small quantity, on a size made to order basis, which allows us to avoid the overstock excess that occurs when the production exceeds the demand.

The Fabric & Trim Details

The fabric is 100% cotton in a piqué weave with a crisp finish, specifically sourced on the NYC market for this small locally produced run. We purchased this fabric from excess stock, meaning stock that is routinely left over from large-scale production runs that usually ends up being discarded. The interior facing and pocketing fabric uses a lightweight, organic cotton in a piqué weave. And there is a dark blue rayon hem tape detail along the hem lines.

Care Details

This dress will be machine washable, though we encourage you to handwash and drip dry for the best and most sustainable care. We do not recommend dry cleaning this dress as it is unnecessary, toxic to the wearer and the environment.

Visit The Uniform Project store for more on size, where your dollar goes, and to bid on accessories donned by Sheena for the past year.

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