The Mini Maxi Shopper: the Reusable Bag you won't Forget


Reusable bags are great, but how many times have you turned up at the store, only to realize you’ve forgotten your shopping bag? We’ve covered Reisenthel bags before, and though one commenter was concerned about the embodied energy in their construction, we still find the idea of reinventing the reusable bag to make it more convenient and easy to use intriguing. Now we’ve come across another innovative shopping solution from these guys, the Mini Maxi Shopper. This is basically a tough, long-handled shopping bag that folds down into its own, zippable pouch, so you can conveniently keep your bags with you at all times. And this one doesn’t have an aluminum frame to worry about, so we’re betting it works out better on the embodied energy stakes too! Available through the wonderfully named

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