The Key.To Shift Towards Green Fashion is in Berlin


The next installment of THEKEY.TO, an international event for green fashion, sustainable lifestyle, and culture is in Berlin this month after a successful launch in June 2009. Coinciding with Berlin Fashion Week, the event features daily workshops, guest speakers, a forum, spontaneous networking, oh and over 50 top labels in the green fashion industry under one trendy roof at the Magazin in der Heeresb├Ąckerei:From TheKey.To:

THEKEY.TO is the ideal event to spot new trends and visions in the fashion industry. It aims at showcasing a strong selection of future minded brands that stand out for their style and for their green approach. Through the labels' selection and the intense cultural program THEKEY.TO aims at spreading the signal that the shift towards an era where coolness and a strong sense for quality and responsibility are naturally interlinked, is already possible.

International sustainable fashion brands, including Van Markoviec (The Netherlands/Poland), Knowledge Cotton Apparel (Denmark), Studio Jux (The Netherlands), Milch (Austria), Itsus (Canada), Banuq (Italy), Komodo, and People Tree (UK) will showcase their designs, along with Berlin-based brands Slowmo, Jovoo, Pamoyo, and Isabelle de Hillerin Eco Fashion World reports .

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