The Greater Good: Burt's Bees Campaign for Truly Natural Personal Care


We've covered Burt's Bees before, back in the early days of TreeHugger. It seems that things have been growing rapidly for this North Carolina-based provider of natural personal care products. You can hardly go anywhere without seeing their display stands these days. And not only are Burts Bees getting more outgoing in their sales efforts, they are also launching a pro-active attempt to clarify and define what is meant by the somewhat vague term 'natural' when it comes to personal care products [Remember: Anyone wanting more guidance on natural and green products could do a lot worse than checking out our How To guide to women's personal care here].

The company's recently launched Greater Good campaign is promoting the Natural Standard, a set of specific guidelines for what can, and can't be called natural, both in terms of ingredients and processes:

"86% of people agree that there should be a label or symbol to certify what is a "natural" personal care product. We agree. We are working with the industry to develop a universally recognized and regulated standard and corresponding seal that we hope will go on all products "

The campaign insists that all products that are labeled "natural" should:

• Be made with at least 95% truly natural ingredients
• Contain no ingredients with any potential suspected human health risks
• Use no processes that significantly or adversely alter the purity/effect of the natural ingredients

The Greater Good website also sets out to specifically define a list of non-natural chemicals and processes that should never be used in so-called natural products, including parabens, sulfates, petro chemicals, glycols, phtalates or chemical sunscreens. ::Burts Bees::The Greater Good::