The Gap Brings Back Denim-to-Insulation Recycling in October (Video)

gap jeans insulation

Photo: Screenshot via Gap on YouTube

If your jeans have seen better days, bring them to a Gap store near you tomorrow through October 20th, where they will be recycled into UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber's getting cold outside--and donated to communities in need.

Similar to the Gap's "Cotton: From Blue to Green" Campaign--which I wrote about back in March--the denim drive will give Gap shoppers 30% off a new pair of Gap 1968 blue jeans and an extra 10% off if you become a Gap fan on Facebook--oh the joys of social media. But, before you do, check out their cute campaign video--sent to us by Robin from Mekanism--after the jump--wherein torn jeans roll up into houses and their wearers run and bike around town...

Video: Gap via YouTube

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