The Eco-Beat Continues in Buenos Aires

We’re thrilled to see more on sustainable businesses and eco-design going on in Buenos Aires. Besides all the work of Argentinean designers and companies we usually bring you, a few days ago we reported on the first Eco-design exhibition in Buenos Aires and now the country’s biggest newspaper -Clarin- has released a special feature about ecologic-tendencies in its 'Women' section. Though it’s not such a deep approach to the subject, the segment takes on eco-design, fair trade and environmentally aware cosmetics firms. They feature our covered bonded leather gadgets from Vacavaliente, Natura cosmetics' practices, some cool jewelry from recovered materials by Tota Reciclados and Maria Medici, Miki Friedenbach and Laura Levy’s Scraplab project (interview with the two coming soon), and Arte y Esperanza’s indigenous crafts fair trade. See the whole segment (in Spanish, of course) here. ::Clarin