The Collection of Hope Shows at Bread & Butter Barcelona

collection of hope photo

Bread & Butter, the trade show for selected brands, opened its summer doors again in Barcelona today for 3 days of clothing culture under the concept ‘New Order’. Apart from some of our favourite eco fashion labels we already met at Bread & Butter King Size in January, we really liked the ‘Collection of Hope’, resulting from a workshop by students of the ESMOD fashion schools. Africa and Social Responsibility inspired this project and lead to a discussion of textiles and clothing in modern Africa from diverse points of view.
Let’s make a collection together. Let’s take it further and set up an inde-pendent company which both the helpers and the supported profit from. A collection to inspire hope.

Brought about by direct contact with the country and its culture, the idea was born out of building a project which is not simply based on one-sided foreign aid but on ex-change between the cultures. The ‘Collection of Hope’ offers a space to discuss the aesthetics, sense, sensuality and social, cultural and economic significance of textiles and clothing in modern Africa, to reflect on international differences in peoples’ understanding of fashion and to discover undreamt-of similarities with what is considered ‘foreign’.

A jury made up of retailers, designers and PR agencies selected the strongest pieces to go into the collection, which is made exclusively from eco-materials and which is exhibited at B&B;’s Urban Superior hall until friday. After that the collection will be shown at Arena Berlin (Eichenstr. 4, 8pm) on July the 11th, and at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin (Atrium der Deutschen Bank), between July 19 and 20. ::Bread & Butter ::Collection of Hope PDF

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