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Getting back to their roots of natural and ethical products, the Body Shop today launched two new lines - the Wellbeing Range and Nature's Minerals (a mineral makeup line). Nature's Way to Beautiful - the new launch - focuses heavily on making the customer recognize they are beautiful, naturally, at any age. The company was founded on the idea that "businesses have the power to do good" and for the last 30 years the Body Shop has targeted their efforts on sustainably sourcing ingredients and community empowerment.

It might seem odd for a makeup company to promote natural beauty, but the Body Shop is promoting strength and beauty through individuality. Using their natural lotions and skin-care products to bring out softer, brighter skin rather than layering on toxic chemicals on your sensitive skin.Aromatherapy

The Wellbeing line includes four new scents to alleviate stress in the modern world: Total Energy using guarana, Pure Detox (wasabi), Divine Calm using lavender and Deep Sleep (camomile) Treatments. Modern "ailments" today include stress, sleep deprivation and anxiety. The Wellbeing line was developed in response to these symptoms.

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Many of the fruits and scents in the line come from local communities around the world under fair trade practices. Villages in Ghana, Brazil, Zambia, Namibia, Nicaragua, the Republic of Ireland, Italy and the UK are all supported through the purchase of the Body Shop products, and the Wellbeing line in particular. The entire line is packaged in 100% PCR PET bottles. Other PET bottles at the body shop are 30% recycled content, with the goal of using 60% recycled content by the end of the year.

Mineral Makeup

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The Nature's Minerals line uses just that - natural minerals (kaolin clay, mediterranean clay, mica, iron oxide and titanium dioxide), which are chemically tested to be safe for people with sensitive skin and no waxes, binders, preservatives or fragrances. Foundations come with SPF 25, and the line also includes blushes and eye shadows.

The Body Shop Promotes Social and Environmental Activism

The Body Shop, founded over 30 years ago, prides itself on being vegetarian friendly, using all natural materials in its products and using ingredients that support marginalized communities through fair trade. Many of their products support campaigns like ending homelessness, AIDS, and domestic violence. They use 100% recycled bottles, make sure things like the palm oil in their soap is sustainably sourced and use 100% synthetic hairs in their makeup brushes. In 2006, L'Oreal purchased the Body Shop.

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Makeup today is constantly under attack for either having minimal to no testing through government agencies and/or containing "hidden" products like lead. All products at the Body Shop are developed using very stringent criteria and include third-party testing. If data gathering for a product can only be done with animal testing, then that product is either dropped or reformulated to avoid animal testing.

Their new ad campaign uses inspiring music and beautiful scenes to empower the modern woman and make her feel like she CAN wake up in the morning looking just that beautiful before going out and taking on the world.

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