The All Nighter Styling Powder Keeps 'Dos Fresh Between Washes

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We all have our reasons for not washing our hair religiously everyday: water conservation, sheer laziness, to cut our scalps a break, or because we're parenting a cranky, teething six-and-a-half-month-old who won't stop pounding our eardrums with the unmitigated, full-throated fury of her immense disquietude until we've begun to comprehend EVEN THE TINIEST FRACTION of her agony.

But I digress. When shampoo-and-conditioning sessions are few and far between, a dry shampoo or hair powder makes all the difference between lustrous locks and grease-monkey mane. Made with rice and tapioca starches, cruelty-free silk powder, metal oxides, natural mineral pigments, and pure essential oils, The All Nighter Styling Powder is designed to freshen your follicles between washes and extend the shelf-life of your blowout by sopping up excess oil and pumping up the volume.

The $18 purse-size mini-container—a little goes a long way—is available in six shade-specific options (platinum, black, honey blonde, golden blonde, brown, redhead) and steers clear of parabens, aluminum, talc, silica, and propellants. Simply sprinkle, pouf, and tease and voila!—your tresses will go from flat to fab in seconds (no joke!), while smelling ever-so-subtly of tangerines.

Caveat emptor: Running your fingers through your coiffure will cover your hands in a light dusting of powder that will smudge anything and everything you touch. (In my case, my palms looked like I had just clawed my way out of a collapsed mine shaft.) The powder rinses off, however. Yes, with soap and water. You remember those, right?

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