Terrapax Sonoma Tote

Picnics, yoga, grocery shopping, secret overnight trysts all require you have something to carry your stuff in. What could be more planet benign way to do just that, than in this tote? The outer, with its four pockets, is sewn of Hungarian hemp and lined with linen (the fabric word for flax). The sturdy handles are of French linen webbing, reinforced with leather, dyed with vegetable and bark, rather the usual chrome and heavy metals. $84 (or web special $67.20) USD. Terrapax is the brainchild of James Cox. As a designer for The North Face, he was disillusioned by the lack of enviro cred in many products in the outdoor industry, so he set about...... crafting a range of fully compostable luggage. Aside from the hemp and linen already mentioned, they use wool felt for padded straps. And instead of the usual plastic buckles note the elegant clasps made from stag horns (shed annually by elk and stags). Send any brass fittings back, for reuse in another Terrapax bag, and you are entitled to 20% off your next product. Meanwhile you can put your much loved, yet worn out bag in you compost for the worms and microbes to feast on. Fabric scraps from production are used to make paper and card. ::Terrapax [by WM]