Ten-Year-Old Fashion Designer with an Eco-Conscience

cecilia cassini fashion photo

Credit: Cecilia Cassini

Ten-year old Cecilia Cassini might just be the youngest fashion designer in the world. The California-based fifth grader has been sewing since she received her first sewing machine at the age of six. She now makes a profit from her collection of one-off garments made with fabric and re-purposed clothing found in the closets of her sister, mom, and friends. More on how Cassini is giving back and designing for good, after the jump. Cecilia Cassini--no relation to designer Oleg Cassini--has a no-fear approach when it comes to matching or miss-matching patterns and colors. In her daily blog she writes, "Trust yourself, follow your heart. Do not let anyone tell you that your fabrics don't look good together!" Her bold fabric choices and bright fabrics are popular among children her age--of course it doesn't hurt that a ten-year old is behind the design.

cecilia cassini fashion designer photo

Credit: Cecilia Cassini

According to Yahoo Green, Cecilia redesigned a dress at the age of five--heck at this age I was wearing Canadian Tuxedos (otherwise known as denim on denim)--and at seven, she wrote Chanel proposing a collection of haute couture for children. The DIY'er is crafting her one-of-a-kind clothing with an eco-conscience. Cecilia told the LA Daily News, "I also care about saving the planet, and I think I can help by repurposing old clothing into new masterpieces."

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