Techy Jewlery from Repurposed Computer Gear

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Jewelry by MoxRogers is a hotbed for creative reuse of junk. Even the quickest of peeks in the shop reveals artists making waste into treasure. Fortunately, artists are also repurposing computer parts that would otherwise be e-waste.

One such artist is Audrey Rogers (aka Mox) who is designing jewelry for a much bigger purpose that simply salvaging junk. Rogers creates simple, lovely accessories from computer parts salvaged from computers. Her mother was recently diagnosed with lymphoma, and sales from the jewelry go to offsetting medical expenses. Saving computer parts to create jewelry to save a life – I’m not sure what could be more huggable.

Computer pieces being made into something beautiful is actually all over Etsy. Here are a few more jewelry designers who are repurposing fragments of electronics.


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each earring is made by hand using the resistance of electronic devices
from computers. I love how these apparently unestetic pieces are surprisingly beautyful and colorful, and offer so many possibilities as to forming various shapes and forms. the components are welded together and then thoroughly polished. the earring hooks are in sterlng silver.

recycled computer jewelry photo

My main goal lately has been recycling and incorporate found object/material into my jewelry making them unique. Since computers play a major role in our daily lives with documentation, communication and making our lives a little simpler I decided to use the keyboard keys to form a different function. The function of adornment and fashion.

recycled computer jewelry photo

These cute little earrings are super lightweight; made from up-cycled computer parts & other tiny metal tidbits. A dark green color, with a funky silver pattern; these are just they way I found them in the pile of old computers & other junk. Stainless steel ear-wires. Your funky earrings will arrive in a recycled craft box, tied up with a ribbon; ready for gift giving. Free note-card included.

Finding items like this is a surefire way to accomplish several things at once. First, reduce the environmental impact of electronics. Second, help out independent artists. Third, gain an accessory that is totally unique and no one else will have. And fourth, possibly find a gift for someone else that is sure to be a memory maker.

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